Togo, (Enzo Migneco) born in 1937 where he lives and works in Milan. The first major exhibition was at the Galleria 32, to Milan, in 1967, by Raffaele De Grada, to which, in Milan, Personal Gallery will follow the Diarcon, Palmieri, Announced, Palazzo Sormani, Aleph, Bonaparte, Bocconi University, Studio Art Graphics, The Torchio, Engraving Centre, submitted by gradually
The. Barbera, E.Fabiani, P.Volponi, A. Cavicchi, P. Bellini, G. Seveso, The. Caramel, In. Consolation, T. Trini, S. Spadaro, G. Pre, F. Poli. In 1982 exhibited at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, a Wroclaw in Polonia e ad Helsinki in Finlandia. In 1989 the city of Messina devotes an anthology edited by L. Barbera and in the catalog, Edizioni Mazzotta, are the critical texts of the same Barbera, of P. Bellini and L. Caramel. In 1999 exposes 20 paintings to the European Parliament in Brussels. In 2000 is assigned, a Roma, Award "by Antonello da Messina" for the Visual Arts. From 1999 to the 2004 was Professor of Engraving at the Accademia di Belle Arti "Aldo Galli" Como. The same year until 2005 had a contract with the publishing groups that have proposed Telemarket Torcular and exclusively his painting. In 2004 public, East of the Ticino Turbigo (MI), a portfolio of six etchings with texts by Terence Baronchelli and Pinuccio Castoldi. In 2006 presents with Henry and Ugo Della Torre Maffi Brambati the Art of Vaprio D'Adda, The exhibition is curated by Ivan Cross. In 2007 exhibits at Villa Genoese, S. Alessio, (Me) presented in the catalog by G. Jordan and in November with Alvaro, the Museo della Permanente in Milan with a catalog from A. Manganaro.
In 2009, within a project of the Regional Province of Messina ,is requested to, in a solo exhibition, paintings and engravings in Taormina in the halls of the "Fondazione Mazzullo" in the Palace of the Dukes of S. Stephen. In a presentation by Lucio Barbera catalog.
For the Association "Roberto Boccafogli", Sara Montani, he was professor and head of the laboratory "The Printworks" de "The Talent Factory", expression of business and social life promoted by the Catholic University of Milan.

He founded in Milan in 1981 Space Aleph : Center for Art and Culture
The Editions of Scrabble : Editions of books and Graphic Art.

His graphic appears in the History of Modern, edited by Minerva Italica and Fantastic Art & Engraving, Giorgio Mondadori editions. Both publications edited by Paul Bellini.
A monograph has been produced by Erminia Felletti : (TOGO, light, music and color) for his Thesis, at the 'Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera , Milan. Rapporteur Prof. Andrea Quercio , Academic Year 1999-2000